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drone deploy

  1. TnDronePilot

    Is the Air 2 supported by Drone Deploy?

    Hi All. So I got an email from one of those drones-for-hire sites as I was asking about what drones can be used for their services. Here is part of his response: "The main drone to make sure you have is something that is compatible with Drone Deploy that has a 20MP camera. I hope that your...
  2. H

    Drone deploy flight logs

    I've just started using drone deploy on my Mavic Pro and am wondering if you can get flight records from these flights onto your DJI record so I know total time and distance flown. Amy help would be greatly appreciated
  3. 1

    Drone Deploy Results

    I am not being paid by Drone Deploy, but attached to this thread are the results of the mapping from the pathos I took. Although the processing to some time, the results are pretty cool. This is a 33 acre section of undeveloped property in my neighborhood. My MA took over 280 photos, on one...
  4. C

    Aerial Mapping / Drone Deploy with Mavic Pro

    Hello, Has anyone used the Mavic Pro for aerial mapping? I was going to try to use Drone Deploy but I don't think it has support yet for the Mavic Pro. There was a thread on Drone Deploy about this, but not clear if they're release support for the Mavic Pro yet.