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drone lapse

  1. M

    Drone Lapse - automated image alignment software?

    Hi All! I’ve been using Litchi with my MavicPro to shoot my house renovation over the last 14 months. Litchi has made this process very simple, with set waypoints to shoot the progression from 7 different angles throughout the seasons (snow, spring, etc). Prior to each flight I’ve calibrated the...
  2. M


    Best of DRONELAPSE / HYPERLAPSE / MOTION TIMELAPSE 4K - Mavic Pro - Yorkshire My recent project - Dronelapsing which lasted over 3 weeks. Through battering wind and wet cold day, I have managed to finally put together a compilations of drone lapse in many different locations in Yorkshire...
  3. jontracey

    Drone Timelapse - Photo or Video Methods ?

    Hey guys, back again with another video. I know there are lots of videos on most subjects but in creating these helps me practice in front of the camera (for work) and hopefully helps some of the newer members of the group learn things as I learn them as well. Interested to see which method...