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  1. diviaster1398

    Gimbal dropping and elevating at max and min angle respectively. Is it broken? HELP!

    Just a week ago, i purchased Mavic Mini. Its great little mighty drone. And I have already mastered flying it. 3 days ago I found out in sports and position mode that ... At Gimbal angle > -5° upto maximum i.e 120°, going forward, it makes a sudden drops to -8° Gimbal angle < -80° upto minimum...
  2. A

    Theory explaining how Mavic could drop down from skies... Your thoughts, please...

    Please guys... It might be very important... I have developed a theory that explains why and how the Mavics are dropping down from the skies... I would like to hear your thoughts and contributions, please... I have read lots of flight data logs that were published by its unffortunate pilots...