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  1. DJ Wes

    Dutch Windmills, Netherlands

    On a recent trip to the Netherlands I had the opportunity to capture footage of a few Dutch windmills. I used the footage to create this “Pop-Up” movie with small factoids of the windmills I visited. I hope you enjoy it. I used the following tools in the creation of this movie: • Dutch...
  2. JoostGT3

    An unusual pyramid in the low lands...

    Enjoy my video of a pyramid built by one of Napoleon's generals in 1804. It is the first time I filmed in D-cinelike and attempted to get a good color in Adobe premiere elements (which doesn't seem to handle LUT's). I have to say I am quite happy with the sharpness of the footage and the quality...
  3. paulbeumer

    Amsterdam, Dutch, flyer checking in

    Dutch rookie pilot checking in. Hi all, living in Amsterdam and enjoying the new perspectives of flying. Everytime i'm makeing pictures or video of the surroundings during my training flight i'm amazed by the beauty. The forum,a huge resource for do's and don'ts guided me on my first steps...
  4. Crusader

    The Flying Dutchman corner

    Hi Dutchy's, Feel free to ask or comment on anything DJI Mavic Pro, accsessories or relevant stuff! Always happy to meet up on or off-line with fellow enthusiasts and discuss or swap knowledge or to just have a good time. I'm located in the north of Brabant.