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  1. B

    Eagle Attack

    We’re on holiday on an island in Malaysia and we went in an island hopping tour today. While flying around a fresh water lake in the middle of a remote island I looked up and noticed a Brown Eagle closing in. Quickly put it in sports mode and after a good minute long chase I managed to loose...
  2. G

    I filmed a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking my drone

    TOP * EAGLE In 2018, an Australian Wedge Tail Eagle took out my drone while filming "The Flinders" I was quick enough to film it. TOP * EAGLE Please like and subscribe to my channel: GKG Imaging
  3. CandyMan_ZA

    My Mavic Pro was attacked by a Black Eagle

    While on a 5 day motorcycle roadtrip I stayed over at my favourite place, an extremely remote place in South Africa, called Gamkaskloof. I was flying my Mavic Pro in the mountains looking for caves and other places of interest. I know the area well. I was staying with some friends who live...
  4. mojpoj

    Drone Killing Eagles!

    Wow, surprised it doesn't hurt the bird to whack into the props. An experimental drone tipped over once and hit my foot, shredded it up pretty good. That's one pretty tough bird!
  5. Slantnose79

    Bird of Prey - Close Call!

    So, I'm flying this morning and see a couple big birds stalking the MP. Luckily, I was recording. This is a screen shot. So, any bird experts - - what is this? Eagle? Hawk? Vulture?