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  1. T

    Emergency buzzer didn't work

    Hi, I crashed my mavic air (I make the mistake to flew it on the side, in a trees environment) I knew it was on the ground (I got the video transmission) In order to find it, I tried to turn on the beeper/buzzer without any result - even when it reached the low battery level. Happily my son saw...
  2. E

    Drone Emergency Brakes

    Hey guys. I made a small video on how to stop your drone faster than just letting go of the sticks. I hope it is helpful to you. I'm sorry that the video quality isn't great. Take care.
  3. YngveN

    Emergency procedure

    Flying a drone for commercial purposes in Norway demands that you have a checklist for emergency procedure. Having not seen this any other place I thought I would try to put something together. Any help and inputs are most welcome The rules are not very specific, but states that the emergency...