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  1. theoaristi53

    Flying over the city of Larisa, Greece

    Hello everyone, This is the first time, I made a video using the Tap Fly mode. I have also learned that this mode doesn't work close to NFZs. Interesting. The thing is there is a big military airport in my city which is going to be expanded so as to host American Drones(MQ-9 Reaper). I wish I...
  2. R

    Bought DJI mavic air in US, im going to use it in Europe

    Hi guys, I just get a present from my parents a new DJI mavic air drone, they bought it while they were in US. I live in Europe, so I need to know what plug should I use or what should I use to charge it, because im afraid I'm going to explode my batery! Thank you in advance