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  1. A

    Los Angeles: Drone Race Track Antelope Valley

    Hi all, I’m weighing the possibility of opening up a practice/race track in our 25-acre property in Antelope Valley. It is pristine desert, buttes and other rock formations, and plenty of Joshua trees. The landscape lends itself for us to be able to make interesting runs. A couple questions...
  2. AerialViewSolutions


    Good Evening, I was working an event this past weekend taking shots of a large get together on a lake with my Mavic. About 3 hours in I was preparing to take off and had 2 other drones fly into the area. I missed getting a shot that I wanted because I refused to take off having these other...
  3. A

    Group flying event - Any advice?

    Hi I'll be co-organising a local meetup for the first time this week-end. There will certainly be a number of joiners, not all of them experienced, and we thought it would be good to distribute some instructions specific to group flying. Have you ever seen something like this or have experience...
  4. MilesTHD

    Inland Northwest Spokane / CDA / Tri Cities etc

    Hi All - I'm in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and would be willing to organize events in the Inland NW, eastern Washington / i90 corridor and surrounding regions. This winter is obviously a little rough but spring is coming and it doesn't get more glorious than where we live - lets try to have a meet up /...