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  1. 4

    In need of study material - Advanced Operations Flight Review!

    Hello everyone, I have an advanced flight review coming up in about 2 weeks. I would like to hear from people that have done the flight review and passed. Could anybody provide me with a solid document that describes most, if not all aspects of the flight review? I have the basic outline of...
  2. wpgkip

    Basic Operations Pilot Certificate in Canada

    I just took the exam for basic operations in Canada and passed with 71% (not great but only need 65% to pass). I used this video to help prepare and found it very helpful. I'm excited to at least have the basic operations pilot certificate now!
  3. Amarand

    Hobbyist versus Part 107

    Hey all, I'm currently a hobbyist flier with a single (Mavic Air) SUAV. I'm actually fairly good at passing certification exams, when there's a decent test-prep, to help me learn the material that's on the exam. So three questions: 1) As a hobbyist who likes the idea of using LAANC, but of...