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exp settings help

  1. rleiman

    DJI Fly EXP settings

    Greetings, Silly question. Where in the DJI Fly app can I find the EXP settings so I can adjust them for my video recording? The only reference to EXP settings I found online is for the DJI GO 4 app. Thanks.
  2. heo3480

    Secret Settings Cinematic footage

    When attempting to make smooth cinematic footage an overlooked topic is the expo and sensitivity settings. This video explains these settings, what they do and how you can use these settings to your advantage. All the settings described in this video will apply to the Mavic Pro or Platinum as...
  3. F

    Why does my ExP changes default back to factory settings?

    Tried changing my EXP settings for smoother flight. Right after I change them they default back to factory settings. Why?