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exposure setting

  1. Toddvg

    Camera Cheat Sheets

    I am looking for some good old Camera Cheat Sheets for the Mavic 2 PRO. What would be great, is to find Cheat Sheet for different types of photography. Maybe by time of day or type of shot, I really dont know what the best way to index the cheat sheets. I do know that for us NewBee's or less...
  2. heo3480

    Exposure Triangle for Video

    Regardless if you use a Drone or DSLR camera getting the exposure right is important. It all starts with understanding Exposure Triangle and how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed work together. This video will help you get the perfect exposure every time
  3. B

    Overexposure with Mavic Ari on auto settings

    Hi everyone, I have a persistent issue with my Mavic AIr: shots are often quite overexposed when shooting in auto, with whites blown up and colors a bit on the washed out side. I am using ND filters (max. 16) but it does not make much of a difference. Some of you will probably tell me to not...
  4. Hilton Head 13

    Maiden Flight video questions

    Started flight in shade of tree line on a very cloudy day. On the AUTO setting, color and exposure were fine at low altitude. As the drone cleared the tops of the pines (about 90’) the image went white. The lower half of the frame had the pine tops and the upper half on hazy dense clouds. What...