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  1. Hummingbird.UAV

    Air 2 A Windy Day for Harvesting

    The day is cold (8°C) and windy (20~25kph) but work needs to be done. Twelve combines gather to harvest a quarter section of wheat which will be donated to help feed the hungry in our world. The Mavic Air 2 handled the conditions flawlessly. Can't say the same for my frozen fingers. I flew...
  2. itallica

    Air 2 SE South Dakota Soybean Harvest test shots

    Out to shoot test shots for the plot I want to fly Thursday Couple of takeaways from today - the aircraft flew amazingly well in a red flag warning. I wanted to push it a bit in a very controlled situation, and I did. This was really the first time I tried to use active track since owning the...
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Wildlife and Woodlands at Woodard Bay

    The grand forest of Woodard Bay towers over tranquil waters, and both shadowed woodland groves and the silver green water of Puget Sound teem with life. From the ethereal call of the Pacific Forest Wren to the guttural honking of seals and cormorants, the air is loud with the voices of birds and...
  4. TheSgbarter

    Sharing some videos from a new member

    Hello all. New to the site, so I figured I would try to share a couple of videos. I look forward to viewing the other videos and photos here. The aircraft carrier videos were taken last week by a colleague of mine using a M2 Zoom, and edited by me. The carrier was anchored almost 3 miles from...
  5. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - The Hollern Experience

    E14 Das Hollern Erlebnis Film location: Hollern, Austria Drone: Mavic Air Video: 1080P 30 & 60fps KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural beauty of...