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  1. B

    Selling fast charger (phantom's 100W) for mavic pro. (NL)

    I have purchased this item, but never actually had to use it, because I fly much less then I anticipated. I want €50 + shipping (from Netherlands) for it. Let me know if interested.
  2. D

    First flight at NJ lake with Mavic Pro (Active Track & Boat)

    Any feedback will be appreciated :) This is my first time flying the drone over the lake (I got it last week), as well as using active track with a boat! This is also my first drone video edit, how did you guys like it (especially with being synched to the music?) Thanks :D
  3. S

    Buying the mavic from eBay

    URGENT HELP! I just bought a mavic pro from an American seller on eBay and I'm from the UK. At the time I didn't remember anything about import duty fees! Will I have to pay any fees when it gets here? How, as in will the delivery man ask me at the door or will I be charged through my contact...