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  1. RayKelly

    Air 2s Port Jefferson is a great place to fly

    Stevy Bronx and I had awesome Air 2S flights at Port Jefferson Harbor, NY following ferries, tug boats and fishing boats.
  2. RayKelly

    Air 2 Ferries, Police and Fishing Boats

    An awesome Mavic Air 2 flight at the Port Jefferson Marina in Port Jefferson, NY featuring Ferries, Police and Fishing boats. Near miss by a flock of pigeons too.
  3. RayKelly

    Mavic Air 2 flight over park, boats and ferries in Port Jefferson Harbor, NY

  4. C

    Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Delaware

    Here's a little video I put together of a local ferry boat operation in the nearby resort town of Lewes, Delaware. It transports pedestrians and vehicles from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE, two quaint coastal towns offering the usual beach ambience but with a difference due to their unique...