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file properties

  1. Facherty

    Merging Overlength Mavic Air Video Files on the Mac...

    I always shoot at 4K 25fps, and quite often leave the camera running for almost the entire flight. I therefore end up with 2-3 clips, with 1-2 of them at a size of 3.7GB covering exactly 5 minutes of flight. This is a limitation of the Mavic Air filing system, and is not critical because the...
  2. mikeGR

    What video resolution did I film in?

    I accidentally changed my video resolution settings from 2.7K to 4K while filming multiple vids the other day and only realized half-way. Now I do not know which vids are shot in 4K and which in 2.7K and by reviewing the "properties" tabs of the files (Win7) there is no relevant information...