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  1. spudster

    Mounting a Firehouse Arc V on the Bottom of a Mini

    I wanted to get a Firehouse Arc 5 to mount on the bottom of my MM2 because I have a hard time finding it if it's more the a few hundred feet away. We know this can be a problem as there is no place to mount it on the bottom without blocking the vents. Here is a solution that found that works...
  2. M

    Firehouse ARC V Strobe Review

    I just got the strobe yesterday and recommend it without reservations. As a background, I’ve had the Mavic Air for a little over 2 years. I’ve found that even at relatively short distance/height, it’s easy to lose sight of the drone, even if there are no obstructions. If you look down at the...
  3. K

    Firehouse mounts for dual cree LED strobes.

    Has anyone used the Firehouse mounts for their CREE dual strobes? What did you think of them? Also are people mounting a strobe on each leg, or just one for the front and one for the rear? Are there any proposed industry standards for anti-collision strobe placement? thanks......