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first video

  1. G

    My first time using DJI Fly Pro mode in Video Editor - Looking for critique & advice

    Hi, I've had my Mavic Mini for almost a year now. I used to take small clips on holiday and then post the whole video to my social media, but last week I had a go at editing a video when flying around Liverpool, UK. The video is here: I like the speed of the video (1.5 original cinematic...
  2. ExtremeToast

    My First Mavic Video

    Hello everyone, just got a Mavic Pro a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share my first video. I've been super excited to finally get a drone and I'm sure there's lots more to learn!
  3. D

    New Pilot... and i guess plenty of rookie mistakes :)

    Hello fellow pilots! Few weeks ago i bought myself Mavic Pro - such a great bird (already own bebop 2). Just wanted to share one of my first videos... shouldnt have gone with d-log but now its too late... Any advice you can give on camera settings or anything... more than welcome :) Safe flying...
  4. V

    First Vid attempt over a golf course UK

    Hey guys, First attempt so be as gentle or brutal as needed. Edited in Shotcut. Yes I know a couple of the pans aren't as smooth as I'd have liked but overall I was quite happy for a first attempt. Low light as the sun was setting , using an ND8 which in hindshight I should have taken off...
  5. mlaczek

    my first drone video (4k / greece / kefalonia)

    hi pilots, i'm finished my holiday trip in kefalonia and here is my first mavic video. enjoy it, and I'd love to read critique and opinions. thanks! the video is not color edited, just cutted
  6. CoolBreeze

    First video post

    First video post. Windy drone day, found sheltered location to fly and video. Using iMovie on iPad was unable to compress 4K to post directly? YouTube link attached... Ordered lens filters, APPRECIATE SUGGESTIONS on what filter to use in same location.
  7. AzuraPhotography

    SANGOMA - An aerial film over Southern Africa (DJI Mavic Pro)

    The Mavic Pro was the drone I had been waiting for, I have always had an interest in aerial photography and videography but the portability of the Mavic was what i needed with my travels. Here is my first credible video i have put together, I'm more of a stills photographer normally so i would...