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  1. thefrisbee995

    Just Saved £250+ Buying a Mavic Through eglobalcentral!!

    So I posted on here about buying a Mavic from "France".. But despite there being eBay seller protection, some people insisted that I was basically throwing money way... Anyway, thought it's worth a go, £844 sent via eBay and expected a couple of weeks delivery. Couple of days later I received it...
  2. Ivanovic82

    Critique My Very First Video

    This is my first flight with a drone ever and my first video edit ever (that's why it's hidden on YouTube, it's a sort of test). What do you think of that flare? Do I need to be more careful with the position of the sun? And that shuttering on the shot with the camera pointing straight down...
  3. Aydin7

    Picture and video from my first flight

    My first flight area near Sillyon antic city Antalya - Turkey Sillyon - Wikipedia
  4. Y

    Check Mavic before buying

    Hi! I'm going to buy DJI Mavic from a unofficial reseller - unfortunately, in my country this is the only way to obtain this drone, without paying a fortune and waiting for few weeks. And I want to check it before buying, and not just visually, but also I want to turn it on and see if it's...
  5. stratos

    One of my first 4K uploads

    Hello fellow pilots. This is one of my first tries at uploading 4K vids to youtube. Can you please help me check if you are able to watch it? Thanks!
  6. Member

    Typical first time crash