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flat cable

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    Hello guys! I'm new into posting any threads but here's my first. I've got a problem with my Mini, when I turn it on, it works normally, the gimbal starts moving/checking all axels but it gets stuck to the right/left. I had a small crash, where I did get sand in the gimbal. After a deep clean I...
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    Gimbal base broken after crash plus flat cable sticking out

    Hi guys, crashed my MAVIC PRO, and gimbal base got broken..... Also, flat cable is ripped. I have already ordered bas replacement fom Ali epxress, can you advise which flat cable replacement I need to buy??? PIC: IMG_6806.JPG
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    Mavic Pro Gimbal Flexible Flat PCB GImbal Ribbon Cable

    what is the difference between these two flexible flat cable 1-