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flight practice

  1. M

    Newbie looking to buy 1st Drone Advice- I am in Canada this week, but live in the US

    Hey all, My first post here, I'm excited to be a part of the forums. I am getting into drones for the main reason that I do Real Estate, and think it would help my business immensely. I will like to eventually get an Air2s, or the 3 when it comes out in the near future. For now, I am...
  2. HiKen51

    "Soccer" practice with Mavic

    With 3 weeks' practice under my belt, my thumbs still get mixed up sometimes. My only crash so far happened when I went up into some leaves when I intended to go forward. The past couple days I've been going to a soccer field where the goals have no nets and flying through them. I just about...
  3. C

    Practice flying at low altitude

    I am a new Mavic owner, and I've practiced a few times on a Phantom 4, but still haven't taken my Mavic out on a maiden flight. I live in Boston, which is surrounded by a huge no-fly zone around Logan airport. Before I head out to an unrestricted airspace location, I'd like to practice some...