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  1. D

    Mavic 2 Pro flew upward sensors did not stop and hit branches

    Hi My M2P crashed when I was doing active track. The battery was low and it attempted to fly up to go to its go home height. But over hanging tree branches were in the way above it. The drone still tried to go up. Hit a branch, then flew down then kept trying again to go up. Hitting branches...
  2. D

    Offload flight records but keep totals?

    I have a lot of flight records that I would like to remove to free up space on my iPad. The problem for me is when I delete the records, after sync, the total distance and number of flight totals decrease. Is there a way to keep the totals and delete the logs. The other thought is the space hog...
  3. RCSchim

    RCSchim's indepth review (not the usual stuff :)

    These are my thoughts on the Mavic Pro after around 1 month of flying. So many features - sorry couldnt get it much shorter. Check the video Index (clickable in videos Infobox) to jump directly to interesting parts!