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  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Spring on the Prairie

    The prairies of Southwest Washington burst with a sea of Camas flowers in spring. The wildflowers of these meadows fill their air with their heady scent, and the skies are loud with birdsong. A brisk wind blows away the fog of morning to reveal a vivid blue sky, brightening to glorious sunset...
  2. celurae

    Tulip & Flower fields - The Netherlands

    Hi Guys, Here's my third video i'd like to share. Shot today - 40min driving from my hometown. Let me know what you think! My settings: DLOG ( 0,0,-1 ) 4K , 25FPS - 50 m/s shutter speed 8ND PL filter ( 4ND had been better in some occasions ) Graded & corrected in FCPX. Mike