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  1. B

    Mavic Focusin Issue

    I was filming a "drone" shot in quick shot mode with my Mavic 1 and I noticed that as I flew out the drone didn't focus correctly. Any help?
  2. J

    Focus Functionality Question

    Have read a number of discussions on the Mavic Pro series REQUIRING you to tap the screen to focus the camera. Is this truly the case. AND now with the MP2Zoom, is this also the case or does the new feature of autofocus eliminate the need to take that additional step of touching the screen to...
  3. A

    Mavic Focusing issues (misalignment)

    Dear all, please take a look at this video I tried everything, IMU recalibration, gimbal reset / recal, firmware refresh etc. The lower right quadrant is OOF if everything else in focus if the lower right in focus then everything else OOF. Contacted DJI for support, waiting for the...
  4. M

    Focus issues

    Hi, It happens quite often, that the image is out of focus on my bird. I tap a point in my image to get it in focus, but what happens, mavic starts focusing, it get image really sharp, but then jumps back into blurry image. The main issue is that when I try to use Dronedeply app with my mavic...
  5. welsewool

    How to focus while flying backwards fast?

    Today I've tested fast flying backwards + go up with ma Mavic but at home I was very disappointed with test results. There are was good light conditions, and first position was in focus but after movement picture became blurry. Autofocus was ON. How to deal with this? How to stay focused while...