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  1. P

    Mavic air records at 29.97fps instead of 30fps

    Hello. I have bought my first drone (Mavic Air) and i am enjoying it very much amd hope to have a lot of fun with it. I have setted the video recording to 4k and 30fps however the properties of the video files say that the actual framerate is 29.97. Can anyone confirm if this is correct...
  2. heo3480

    How is Shutter Speed linked to Frame Rate (FPS)?

    Understanding how frame rate links to shutter speed will instantly to improve your footage and prevent it from being jerky and stuttering during playback. This is is basic intro crash course to get you started
  3. S

    Manual Video Settings

    Hi all - New to the forum and relatively new to my Mavic (got it in January). I've shot for years with my trusty GoPro Hero3+ Black, so I do have some video experience. I have a couple of questions: I fly primarily in the bright California sun during the day, and am looking to capture that...