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free fall

  1. cgmaxed

    Air 2s An Air2S Temps fate and loses. The Flight of Icarus. A Lesson on What Not To Do with Your Drone! DJI comments.

    This is a hyperlapse of a sunrise above the clouds during a high altitude climb and descent. The unknown pilot posts this video with a warning. Do not attempt a hyperlapse at high altitude when the battery can't sustain the flight time needed for the making of the hyperlapse. If needed cancel...
  2. N

    Freefall of a Mavic Pro

    I've seen two excellent videos of Mavics in a freefall from a high altitude, motors successfully restarted, drone landing unharmed. I've seen how the motors are stopped in mid air by pulling the sticks down and in. But, in searching thru the threads here I have not found answers to the...