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  1. virtualphotographers

    Inspire V1 for free in Chicago

    Decluttering and going to put this out in the alley unless someone here wants it Perfectly good inspire no batteries, been stored for years. You can look at my profile for stuff shot with this bird and it’s twin (already adopted) First come gets it and the case Lots of other old DJI bits too...
  2. C

    Mavic 2 Vinyl Cut File - By Cyrusthevirus

    Hello my friends! I am pleased to upload my final vinyl cut file for the mavic 2 pro/zoom I was completely unable to find a full working vinly cut file with complete coverage that was free. so i've done the work and made it free for everyone. I've uploaded several file types to allow more...
  3. MavicNgoose333

    ISO help - disabled veteran, limited income

    I am at a very low point in life and recently received a Mavic Pro as a gift to lift my spirits... I fell in love with the rush of being able to fly a mile or two out an d 300 feet in the air to see parts of my hometown of Mobile, Alabama, and I’ve even received a load of compliments on the few...
  4. B

    Sharing some Neat Video noise profiles

    I have been working on some LUTs and noise profiles for Neat Video and was looking for an appropriate place to share them with the community. Are file attachments in the forum here acceptable (I'll start with some noise profiles)?
  5. jimmyshadow1

    Mavic Pro raw footage sharing!

    I would like to share all of my raw footage. Some of the shots look great and would look good in many videos. The download links to the raw, uncompressed videos are in the description of every video. You can use any of the footage you want in videos you make, but please give me credit if you do...