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  1. logge

    Col de la Bonette - Highest road in Europe at 2802 meters

    First time flying over 3000 meters of altitude with the Mavic, it had absolutely no problems whatsoever and handled perfectly. Col de la Bonette in the French Alps is one of the highest paved roads in Europe (the sign claims it's the highest, but it's not technically true). As a bonus, I...
  2. nicotheredfish

    Bonjour from Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi all, New comer in the forum and the drone world ! I've jsut bought my mavic pro 2 days ago and I'm waiting to receive it, I'm a bit (A LOT) impatient to have it :) I'm French and I work in an Aerospace company at Ajax since March 2017 So new comer in Canada as well ! I hope I'll find good...