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  1. C

    Unlocking Auth Geo Zone : Proposed date not working

    I’ve been attempting to unlock an authorized zone via the DJI/fly-safe website for a future date (one week away). The license is issued successfully and I am able to sync up the licensing via the DJI go app however the “validating date” shows today’s date through tomorrow’s date. What am I doing...
  2. TrayBoz

    Max Height / Distance reached with DJI Goggles ???

    I LOVE my DJI Goggles. Since I've had them I've worn them every flight and never look at my iPad. So I tried flying yesterday without even plugging in the iPad, just using the RC controller and the Goggles. So I just launched using the goggles - worked fine. For some reason, when I got about...
  3. Lou

    What really happens when an airborne MP flies into a NFZ or other 'hard' geo-fence boundary?

    I have read the threads, watched the youtube vids but still can't get a clear read on what my Mavic would do if I accidentally (or on purpose) flew into a geo-fence. Some say you can fly it back but cannot gain altitude, others say it auto-lands but you can still control direction while...