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gesture mode

  1. KeithLa

    Initial impressions: Costco US$1299 MPP+goggles

    First timer here, picked up Costco's spring 2018 Mavic Platinum Pro (MPP) with DJI Goggles US$1299 bundle last week at my local store, and subsequently read/watched reviews to decide whether 1) it's a good deal, and 2) would I prefer the smaller/smarter/cheaper Mavic Air (MA), as suggested by...
  2. F

    "Gesture Mode" active alone "Active track", since the update .700

    Hi guys, I did the update from Assistant this week and since that when I select "gesture" to make automatic picture, in fact active track is selected!!!! I tried to reinstall the firmware, nothing, then to make it new nothing again, nothing. I tried with another ipad and iphone and it's the same...
  3. DroneTone

    DJI GO 4 Gesture Mode Quirks

    I've noticed a few software quirks in DJI GO 4 using Gesture Mode several times now, enough that I'd like to mention them here and see if others can verify them as well. Gesture Mode: 1. When Gesture Mode is used and a few photos are taken using it. Assuming a user had previously set photos to...