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gimbal overload error

  1. T

    Gimbal Overload Error - Works when keeping sideway

    Hi there, I constantly get Gimbal Overload errors after start up (Never had a crash or anything similar). The funny thing is that the gimbal works normally when booting the Mavic keeping it sideways. In that case it works for a couple of minutes, after that it starts to go crazy and twists and...
  2. D

    Seeing the gimbal assembly has lowered my confidence

    After a year of trouble free flying I had a minor crash last week , no mystery about that, it got caught in a branch and dropped just a few feet. It was my fault and it appeared to be just prop damage. Unfortunately, I had the gimbal overload error and so had to replace the ribbon cable. The...
  3. D

    RTH Fail

    I initiated the RTH function when my Mavic was running low on battery. Halfway from returning home, it started to descend on its own before it was directly above me. Since there were obstacles of different heights all around me I tried to force it back up. But it got to a point where it wouldn't...
  4. robertdavis5

    Gimbal overload

    So, I received my Mavic Wednesday night. So today was the only real flight I've had, it's dark when I get home. Anyway, I did take it up in my yard; not high but just to check it out. It drifted and fell, again not high but enough to out it in gimbal overload. Today I took it out for about 20...
  5. L

    Diagnosing black camera feed after crash & short circuit

    This is a long story but here it goes. I was flying the mavic pro over a quarry that has water in it. I was actually flying without my phone connected since it had been stolen a couple of days before, but didn't want to miss out on flying at this great place and recording. As I was flying the...