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gimbal pitch

  1. R

    MavAir / Litchi / Waypoint Missions / Gimbal Pitch Issue

    Hi MavicPilots- I've been experimenting with Litchi's Waypoint Mission videography, but having issues with Gimbal control during mission. My videos are pointed in the right direction of each POI, but the horizon stays locked in the middle of the frame... regardless of POI being low or high...
  2. celurae

    Footage 'shaky' when pitching gimbal

    Hi Guys, I got the feeling that my footage is really laggy when pitching down/up with the gimbal. once gimbal is in static position the videos seems alot smoother. It appears in almost all videos. Im not sure if this a wrong setting or something else. See uploaded test footage. ( please check...
  3. crayban

    Gimbal pitch speed not changing

    Hey, Wondering if anyone can help. I tried to change the gimbal pitch speed/smoothness in the advanced settings of the DJI Go 4 app, and there is no effect at all. I have updated to the latest firmware, and reset the settings and tired again, but still no luck. Please can anyone assist...