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  1. P

    Cerco gimball per mavic mini 2

    Ciao a tutti, recentemente il mio mavic mini 2 si è schiantato e il gimbal si è completamente rotto ma la videocamera funziona perfettamente. è da un po che cerco solo il gimball ma non riesco a trovarlo, qualcuno mi riesce a dare una mano
  2. M

    camera quality

    hi, i wonder what i am doing wrong, i think photos i take whit my mavic look bad, or is this normal ? i think they look blurry, i have played alot of round whit diffrent settings, resetting all of the settings and recalibrate everything
  3. X

    Gimball flips out... literally

    Every time I fly this happens. It records fine until a certain point where the recording STOPS/ends and the gimball starts tweaking out looking all over the place until it finally stabilizes. Could it be my SD card? never once does it show in the recorded video this activity. it always stops...