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  1. Drumsagard

    2 Pro Rannoch Moor/Glencoe, Scotland at Dawn

    Some photos from a trip to the Glencoe/Rannoch Moor area on Friday morning. A 3am start got me to the moor well before sunrise and I was rewarded by some great light. Mavic 2 Pro Mini 2 This last photo was shot on my Mini 2 on the way back down Loch Lomond side.
  2. Drumsagard

    Glencoe Panorama - Mavic 2 Pro

    First photos from my new Mavic 2 Pro. I headed to Rannoch Moor & Glencoe early on Friday to try and catch the sunrise but the moor and the glen was shrouded in heavy mist. Had to wait till it cleared to get this shot. Four photos stitched together in Lightroom.
  3. D

    Glen Coe, Glen Etive and Rannoch Moor

    Glen Coe, Glen Etive and Rannoch Moor - Scotland. Some pretty challenging light to work with but seems to have come out ok. Filmed with Mavic Pro, No profile, +1, 0, 0.