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go 4 crash.

  1. C

    Android Dji Go4 Crashing? Install it from Google play!

    Well, the title says it all! Bought my mavic yesterday and today I went to do my 1st flight. Right from the start I started to have problems with the app, without any warning it would crash... over and over again... I felt so frustrated and I landed the mavik and went back home to try to find a...
  2. Raymondo

    DJI Go 4 crash on Galaxy S8 since 29 April

    Flew with out of the box S8 on 29 April. Tried again yesterday, but dji go 4 app crashes on start up. 'Screen res not supported'. Have not changed it since last flight. Tried alternatives resolutions but still crashed. Go 4 will not start 'dji go 4 app keeps stopping', but it actually never...