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go 4 crash.

  1. M

    Impacts of upgrading from Go4 4.1.2

    im still on 700 FE and 4.1.2 Go4 app on ios. Just got iphone x. Newest iOS upgrades and Go4 is crashing consistently. Having problems with Autopilot too which may have something to donwith Go 4 SDK it uses. Just downloaded Litchi to see if I can fly without uograded Go 4. However, what...
  2. C

    Android Dji Go4 Crashing? Install it from Google play!

    Well, the title says it all! Bought my mavic yesterday and today I went to do my 1st flight. Right from the start I started to have problems with the app, without any warning it would crash... over and over again... I felt so frustrated and I landed the mavik and went back home to try to find a...
  3. Raymondo

    DJI Go 4 crash on Galaxy S8 since 29 April

    Flew with out of the box S8 on 29 April. Tried again yesterday, but dji go 4 app crashes on start up. 'Screen res not supported'. Have not changed it since last flight. Tried alternatives resolutions but still crashed. Go 4 will not start 'dji go 4 app keeps stopping', but it actually never...