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gopro karma

  1. D

    Top drones google sheets comparison, Spark, Mavic, P4P, GoPro Karma

    I was just making a list of comparisons for myself and thought I would share. ... 1m1bH9IM/edit#gid=0 Comparison prices were with remotes and built in screens if possible. I threw in Karma just because a lot ask. Still working on it but please let me know if any...
  2. Oyibo VFX

    Swearing in church

    Maybe it is swearing in church but does any of you considering purchasing the GoPro Karma 2.0? Although flying is far less superior to the Mavic, the Hero 5 is interesting. On the other hand.... it weights more then 1 kilo and that requires a license in Belgium Therefore a P4P(+) might be also...
  3. I

    DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma (RIP)

    So, had both in the hand. Got to be glad you've chosen the Mavic. Shame, competition can be good, but who designed the battery for the Gopro???