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gps tracker

  1. eva2000

    3rd party GPS trackers?

    I know the drone has find my drone feature. But does anyone use 3rd party GPS trackers for their drones too ? I came across Drone Tracker GPS – Trackimo and I guess there are other 3rd party GPS tracking solutions too?
  2. R

    GPS tracker without cell, anyone tried? Saw this on a video earlier and seemed like it may be a good candidate for drone use. I don't know a whole lot about it as of yet. Has anyone tried it?
  3. U

    Trackimo GPS Tracker - iOS not working

    Hi. Just a current heads up if you are using Trackimo (GPS Tracker), and have an iPhone to track your lost drone. The software use to work, but currently, the iOS application will not start up. The company says they are aware of the issue. Very disappointed with the company because this...