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  1. F

    ground station pro

    can you calculate acres with the ground station pro
  2. KZN

    Ground Station vs GS Pro

    Hi all, I am confused by the fact that there are two apps available for iOS (iPad) : - Ground Station (green icon with white 'GS' letters) - DJI GS Pro (blue icon with white 'GSP' letters) Ground Station is developed by 'DJI' and the current version is 1.4.63 DJI GS Pro is developed by 'DJI...
  3. Achilles

    Waypoint Mission - Smooth Transitions Between Waypoints

    Ok, looking for info from the Mavic Brain Trust. I've been using DJI's GSP and setting up waypoint missions but what I can't figure out is the following: Say I have a 10 point mission setup. How can I get the Mavic to fly through each point without stopping, so the flight is smooth and...