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gulf of mexico

  1. V

    Air 2 Bonita Springs | Florida

    Video was recorded in 4K, not sure why the playback is maxed out at 720?!
  2. V

    Mavic Mini | Fort Myers Beach, Florida

    Mavic Mini on Fort Myers Beach , Florida... testing out the TOZO Range Extender and the SunnyLife CPL Filter.
  3. Oil Tanker Heading Out To The Gulf

    Oil Tanker Heading Out To The Gulf

    Had to fly my DJI Mavic 2 Pro out about a mile and a half to get this footage of an oil tanker heading out of Tampa Bay towards the Gulf of Mexico...destinat...
  4. J

    Clearwater Florida Vacation in 4K

    I just got back from vacation at Clearwater Florida. I took the Mavic along with me and had no issues flying with it which I was glad. Put it in a seperate container at the TSA checks and no questions. Flew the drone in the mornings before the beach got crowded and before the wind picked up...