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  1. Ping^Spike

    Newbie Hangar 360 question

    Hey everyone, As a new pilot, I've been looking in awe at the Hangar 360 app. Can someone just confirm how the process works for me? I've downloaded the app and it's asking me to connect to the drone. So is the procedure that I simply turn on the drone, turn on the remote, then launch the...
  2. B

    Hangar AutoPilot Focus Issue with Mavic

    I'm experiencing a focus issue with DJI Mavic Pro while executing a waypoint mission using Hangar's AutoPilot software. Focus works fine in the DJI GO 4 app. I tried switching the modes between Manual, Auto, and Continuous auto, with no success. Pressing the screen where I want to focus will...
  3. kcoleman805

    Hangar 360 Help

    Today I tried to use Hangar 360 for the first time and couldn't seem to get it to work. I turned on the DJI Go 4 App, flew it to 300 feet, then switched over to the Hangar App to take the pictures, it took all necessary pictures and then asked me if I wanted to land or continue flying. I clicked...
  4. sdharris

    Hangar 360 Example

    Here is another example from Hangar 360, currently in beta. Hangar 360 Viewer Colours still a bit unnatural, but it appears to be compensating for shadows as half of the gorge below was in shadow when this was taken. Autopano produces a more natural image from the same source files. But the...
  5. RCSchim

    RCSchim's indepth review (not the usual stuff :)

    These are my thoughts on the Mavic Pro after around 1 month of flying. So many features - sorry couldnt get it much shorter. Check the video Index (clickable in videos Infobox) to jump directly to interesting parts!