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  1. BD0G

    360 Degree Spherical Panorama's- BD0G

    Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe, California Directly Above Fannette Island Link to 360 Panorama: Hangar 360 photos from around the world. -Fannette Island is the only island in Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, United States. It lies within Emerald Bay, on the California side of the lake. Over a...
  2. B

    Hangar App not displaying processed Pano

    Hi I have created numerous Panos with the Hangar App on the latest release, but for some reason I can not view them anymore through the mobile App on an iPhone7 and the latest iPad Pro 9.7. Also the Hangar Apps is freezing the iphone s well, forcing my iPhone to restart again. If I create a...
  3. Ping^Spike

    Newbie Hangar 360 question

    Hey everyone, As a new pilot, I've been looking in awe at the Hangar 360 app. Can someone just confirm how the process works for me? I've downloaded the app and it's asking me to connect to the drone. So is the procedure that I simply turn on the drone, turn on the remote, then launch the...