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    Hush Hush

    Hushinish, Isle of Harris, Scotland. 2.7k, Normal, +1, 0, 0
  2. D

    LAMM Mountain Marathon, Isle of Harris

    A MP, Osmo, tent, food, buckets of sweat and sore legs. A stupid last minute FW update unlocked my white balance so matching colours was a real pain and I'm not fully happy with it. Thinking about a Xrite Color Passport reference card. Anyone with experience?
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    Isles of Harris, Lewis and Skye

    Isles of Harris, Lewis and Skye in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. A short video of our holiday touring these beautiful islands. We were blessed with sunny (if not a little too windy for the Mavic!) weather. Location details are embedded in the YouTube description and video itself. Hope you enjoy.