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hello to all members

  1. B

    Hey everybody! I am a new member from Germany currently living in the Netherlands

    Hello everybody! My name is Nico, student and filmmaker currently living in Enschede, NL. I bought the DJI Mini 2 to get shots from perspectives I am not able to get with my cinema camera I and love it! Sure I really miss a log mode or something like that but the Mini 2 is a little 550€ fun...
  2. Claudcw

    New Pilot.. hello from Manchester NJ

    Just joined this awesome forum that I have been using for a few months helping me decide what drone to get and obviously Mavic Pro was the winner. Not new to RC but new to drone flying, I am a photographer hobbyist now but did it professionally back in the day.. Hello everyone..
  3. bigwes

    Howdy ya'll from Atlanta

    After flying a Traxxas Aton for a couple of years, I am SOO EXCITED to be a Mavic Pro owner. I'm here to learn as much as I can and I look forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts.
  4. V

    Newbie check in from Nr Wakefield UK

    Hi All, Just a quick hello from here in the UK having just picked up a MP and hoping to be here for a while (crashes or fly away permitting ;) ) I'm looking for places to fly around the Wakefield./Leeds/Barnsley area to lose my training wheels and have found that you can fly in Pontefract Park...
  5. D

    Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Hey Guys, Ive just got the MP and I a have done some simulator time. I have had normal small 'Copters before so feeling quietly confident about my first flight. Looking forward to some quality quad-copter time this weekend. I understand from millions of videos I have watched that going...
  6. Spanish Flyer

    Hi from Northern Spain

    It's great to have a fully dedicated website for us Mavic drone owners and I thank the person or persons who built it up. I received my Mavic this Christmas and haven't been able to fly it due to bad weather conditions (actually I had it flying once in a park close to home and then one more...