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high altitude

  1. C

    Mini 3 Pro at Everest Base Camp

    Hi everyone. I know that the Mavic 3 has done Everest, and the National Geographic team did some extraordinary scenes & shots in recent times. Was wondering that the opinion of folks here on using a Mini 3 Pro, given proper local-authorities permits and permissions: Would function at high...
  2. cgmaxed

    Air 2s An Air2S Temps fate and loses. The Flight of Icarus. A Lesson on What Not To Do with Your Drone! DJI comments.

    This is a hyperlapse of a sunrise above the clouds during a high altitude climb and descent. The unknown pilot posts this video with a warning. Do not attempt a hyperlapse at high altitude when the battery can't sustain the flight time needed for the making of the hyperlapse. If needed cancel...
  3. volition

    Highest you have flown a MA2? What’s the highest altitude you can take off from?

    Hey guys, what’s the highest altitude you have flown. I’m talking about launching from and keeping witin your 120m max. Like from a high altitude area. I’ve tried to find the max altitude for the MA2 but cannot find one. Be interested to hear from you guys from experience. Or maybe someone...
  4. Wanderlust_shot

    Highest take off altitude for mavic 2

    Hi, everyone. My name is david Im currently traveling in Bolivia ( the land where there are not drone regulations it all, expect for airports) Im about to take a trip to one of the mountains here in la paz ( huayna potosi/ 6094m) And i was wanting to do some shots of the top. I was...
  5. CookieTheArch

    Archaeology, Altitude, and Snow: Stories of a Fun “Summer” (So Far!)

    Hey everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything on here. I generally pick people’s brains, but today I thought I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing with my drone this summer. This is a sizeable post, so thanks in advance if you read the whole thing! For some...
  6. B

    Flying high... and a question

    Hi folks, I just ended a very nice trip in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, where I shot more than 75 takes (5.5 hours of footage, all above 3500-4000 m above sea level) with my Mavic Pro drone. I started editing first the most extreme flight, done at Mina Julia, at the Argentina-Chile border in the...
  7. T

    Mavic Pro @ 13,350 Ft!!!

    So I finally got my Mavic out on the continental divide!! Did a little hiking on the back part of Loveland Ski Area in Colorado, USA. Had a takeoff altitude of 13,350 ft! Flew my allotted 400ft up and had no problems, so max altitude of 13,750!!! New High for me with the MP!!! Sorry so grainy...
  8. WolfgangStiller

    Mavic high altitude and low temp test

    I have been flying the heck out of my new Mavic since I received it less than a week ago. It has been flawless and performs amazingly. It's a total game-changer for me since filming in remote mountain locations is my thing. This was my high altitude and cold temperature test of the Mavic. This...