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high definition

  1. Nine-Oh

    Where to upload hi def panoramas

    I'm looking for a free (or cheap if there is no ads) place to upload large photos and panoramas. I'm talking 8,000X4,000 or 28,000X14,000 pixels. I would like to create a gallery and then open a thread in this forum dedicated to sharing panoramas made with our drones to look at with VR gear...
  2. Sarahhhamid

    Having trouble getting 4K footage onto iPhone/Macbook Pro??

    So I've been flying my Mavic Pro for a few months and finally have gotten the hang of flying and getting decent footage, and now I'm interested in editing and uploading to Youtube/Instagram and having on my iPhone. My dilemma is that I LOVE the DJI Go app because of its simplicity, is there...
  3. Z

    Breathtaking 4K Ultra HD DJI Mavic Drone Shell Beach

    Stunning shots over the ocean and of the cliffs and caves in Shell Beach, California. Sights include Pirates Cove, The Cliffs and Avila Beach in the distance. Let me know what you think and if you like it please subscribe. There should be plenty more to come.