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  1. D

    iPad/Tablet Holder - Freebie on Thingiverse

    I just posted a printable version of my tablet holder (mine's an iPad Pro 9.7 in a case) on Thingiverse. It's a freebie. Very snug, stable and secure, it works well with smaller tablets too and does not require a long USB wire. The DJI provided wire works fine. Mavic Air 2 iPad/Tablet Holder...
  2. H

    Mavic Air Battery Belt clip/holster/holder

    Anyone knows where I can get something like the below but for the MA battery? Belt Battery Holder For Dji Mavic Pro Drone Battery Part - Buy Mavic Pro Battery Holder,Dji Mavic Pro Battery Holder,Mavic Pro Battery Holder Part Product on
  3. Amarand

    Columbus, Ohio

    Hey all! I live over on the west-side of Columbus, in Galloway, closer to Hilliard. Any fellow fliers close-by? Here's my rig:
  4. Adamcain112


    If you have the Mavmount for the ipad mini I found, if you mount the holder on the back instead of bottom. You can see the whole RC screen and buttons. You just have to look over slightly the other way it covers it totally.
  5. S

    Favored Mavic Accesories I've personally own, bought and use.

    I thought I would include some of my favorite accessories I've bought for the mavic in a list. I do reviews on gadgets but not much on accessories for things. But I still wanted to,share what I've personally bought and used with others that have wondered about these items. Most of these can be...
  6. M

    Tablet holder from FPV Customs

    I found this the other day. I have been using my S7 but id like to go back to my Ipad mini. Has anyone got one of these... yet? And no I dont need to see the RC screen... MAVIC PRO DJI TABLET HOLDER INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING Mo