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  1. P

    Crashed Air & gimbal motor overload error and incline gimbal with yaw problem

    Hi What would you recommend to do with Air that has been crashed and has gimbal motor overload error and visibly incline gimbal (horizontal)? Also gimbal auto calibration won't (naturally) finish. Could it be fixed possibly with (new) ribbon cable and perhaps by fixing this possible issue ? Or...
  2. fredward

    Getting a '3/4' tracking shot / horizontal tilting?

    Hello I have just bought a Mavic Air, I have flown it a bit, and see it can tilt up and down, but is it possible to tilt just the camera horizontally, to get a 3/4 shot? At the moment, when I turn it, the whole unit turns, changing the flight path to match the turn, I want the same flight path...