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houston area

  1. markcmda

    New drone pilot in Texas!

    Good afternoon all, I am happy to have stumbled upon such a warm and welcoming community. I have spent quite some time lurking. Since completing the TRUST, I have been spending time in and around the Houston area with my Mini 4. I am consistently amazed by the quality of the footage it...
  2. Julius Danziger

    Houston Skyline at sunrise

  3. M

    Howdy from Tomball, TX

    Newbie here, just got my mavic pro on March 3, 2017. I owned a toy drone for 1 day before fly-away. No GPS couldn't have gone too far, wasn't much battery left. Searched and could never find. So, have real drone and ready to fly, but want to make sure I know / learn before I fly. Live within...