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  1. nisfrome

    No distractions in Idaho

    Quick compilation from a weekend trip. I live in NYC so this was a rare opportunity to fly uninhibited.
  2. G

    Snake River 4K | Idaho

  3. MilesTHD

    Inland Northwest Spokane / CDA / Tri Cities etc

    Hi All - I'm in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and would be willing to organize events in the Inland NW, eastern Washington / i90 corridor and surrounding regions. This winter is obviously a little rough but spring is coming and it doesn't get more glorious than where we live - lets try to have a meet up /...
  4. G

    Two RCers from Caldwell each waiting for shipment!!

    Old people like toys too .... I'm 79 and a much younger good friend both have one on order. We've been YouTubing in the interim and we should be spec'd up ... at least somewhat by the time it gets here! His wife says we are "YouTube" junkies. Ok ... maybe we'll start a club ..."YouTube...