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  1. virtualphotographers

    Inspire V1 for free in Chicago

    Decluttering and going to put this out in the alley unless someone here wants it Perfectly good inspire no batteries, been stored for years. You can look at my profile for stuff shot with this bird and it’s twin (already adopted) First come gets it and the case Lots of other old DJI bits too...
  2. Netvise

    MAVIC 3 - ISO TEST 4K (Low Light) - Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire X5S

    Hi! Many people are interested in how the sensor works in Mavic 3. I compared Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire 2 X5S I shot everything on video for you. Enjoy watching and subscribe (I'm preparing a flight time test).
  3. K

    OHIO FLYERS - Lets Start A Regular Meet Up

    Curious on the interest here. I've kicked around this idea, like I'm sure many of you, for far too long. I would like to officially announce the Ohio Drone Buddies group. I'll work up a page on some social site, most likely FB although I absolutely stink at social media, so if anyone is...
  4. T

    Looking to trade my (basically) brand new Mavic Pro alpine white edition for an inspire!

    Hey Guys! I have a basically brand new Mavic Pro alpine white edition and I’m looking to trade it for an inspire v1 or v2. Let me know if you have any leads :)
  5. E

    Satellite/LTE control Mavic Pro/Pro Platinum

    Hi Guys, I know I am new to the forum (I am a satellite, chemistry and saltwater reef guy) but I have been interested in developing an alternative signal method to control your Mavic Pro, pro platinum and even more expensive units like the Inspire 2 and Matrice. Now there are really two...
  6. J

    Inspire 1 X3 vs Mavic

    Took a road trip with some drone friends to get some video in Atlantic City. I have an Inspire and a Mavic, so I thought I'd compare the 2, also take a look at my video! I've never noticed until now that I have a very obvious warm spot which you can see @ 1:50. Of course the Inspire camera is...
  7. J

    Mavic Pro vs Inspire 1 X3

    Decided to take both drones to a college near where I live and check out the difference in video quality. I used footage from both in the video below, see if you can tell the difference!