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  1. A

    Top 5 favorite maneuvers with the Mavic

    I would love to know what your favorite maneuvers are when you fly?!?!
  2. AlwaysAWOL

    [How To] Time Lapse Mavic Pro 20 minutes in 10 seconds Just starting to learn Premier Pro, so was a test of some of the features. Any tips would be appreciated. Didn't bother too much with colour for this test. Here are the steps I took after popping the...
  3. UAV Man

    Manuals and guides

    Hope this helps those who want a head start... In the box: Mavic+Pro+In+the+Box.pdf (updated to official release v1.0) Quick Start: Mavic+Pro+Quick+Start+Guide.pdf User Manual (pre-release): Mavic-Pro-User-Manual-2016-09.pdf